R•P•B Merit Badges


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Choose from: 3D Printing, Amusement Park Science, Animal Husbandry, Archery,  Art,  Astronomy, Axemanship, Babysitting, Baking, Beekeeping, Bible Exploration, Bible Knowledge, Bible Study, Bird Watching, Blacksmithing, Block Printing, Braiding, Cadet History & Organization, Calligraphy, Calvinism, Camp Cooking, Camping, Canoeing, Car Care, Chemistry, Chess, Chivalry, Christian Life, Christian Way, The Church, Church History, Church Leadership, Clay Shooting, Climbing, Coin Collecting, Color Theory, Community Life, Computer Knowledge, Creation, Creeds, Cycling, Devotions, Drafting & Computer Aided Design, Dutch Oven, Ecology, Electric Motor (DC), Electricity, Electronics, Film Making, Fire Building, Fire Safety, First Aid, Fishing, Fishing Rod Building, Fly Tying, Food Preservation, Forestry, Game Processing, Gardening, Genealogy, Geocaching, Giving, Glass Etching, God’s Name, God’s Temple, Government, GPS, The Great Flood, Hiking, History of the Bible, Home Cooking, Hunting, Individual Sports, Insect Life, Journalism, Kite Flying, Knots and Lashing, Law Enforcement, Leathercraft, Life and Death, Map Reading, Maple Syrup, Marksmanship, Memorial, Metalwork, Modelers, Model Railroading, Model Rocketry, Money Management, Mushrooms, Music, New Life, Occupations, Off-Road Vehicles, Personal Management, Pet Care, Photography, Physical Fitness, Pioneering, Pipes and Fittings, Power Tools, Prayer, Public Speaking, Radio, Reading, Rock Collecting, Safety, Scholarship, Sculpture, Sewing, Signalling, Signing, Simple Machines, Snowshoeing, Small Engines, Snow Skiing, Snowmobiling, Space Exploring, Spelunking, Spiders, Sports Card Collecting, Stationary Power Tools, Stamp Collecting, Surfing, Swimming, Team Sports, Tropical Fish, Water Safety, Weather, Webmaster, Weeds and Wild Flowers, Welding, Whitewater Rafting, Wild Life Study, Winter Camping, Witnessing, Woodcarving, Woodworking